Behind the scenes with Sophia Bush for Joe Fresh’s “Turn Color On” collection.

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    Summary of Pretty Little Liars’ Accusations of ‘A’ Through the Seasons

  • Season 1: He is ‘A’.
  • Season 2: It is ‘A’.
  • Season 3: She is ‘A’.
  • Season 4: They are ‘A’.
  • Season 5: You are ‘A’.
  • Season 6: I am ‘A’.
  • Season 7: We are ‘A’.

"I’m a little bit of an adult and still a bit of a kid. I hope I never lose enthusiasm for things like road trips and Cheerios."


This September winter comes early


do you ever just wanna sleep for like 3 years 

Celebrities take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. (Part 1)